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Found this picture and thought it would be a good opportunity to re-blog it, just to say that the rocket shad by strike king in this photo is great when you come across schooling fish !   Tipped with a scented plastic bait it completely resembles a bait fish scurrying about.   The jitterbug is also a great top water bait, gives off some good splash/popping on the surface, real disturbance on the surface.   Not sure who makes the crank bait on the far left, but that size and colour pattern is great especially if you are fishing water that has perch in it.  Judging by the front diving lip it looks like it will run 4ft and above, making it a shallow running bait, good for covering water to find aggressive fish.

The AMFisH guy…


Fieldtrip to the fish & tackle place. New toys #fishing #Texas #tackle (Taken with Instagram)

#fishing #fishingbaits

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