Kids and fishing, nothing better then seeing how excited the little ones get when they are going fishing and actually catch a fish, kind of priceless !   I do suggest keeping things simple for them, this picture is of some very inexpensive colourful theme fishing rods that totally make sense.  

Simple gear, simple baits like worms, small minnows, panfish style scented baits like the Berkley brands are perfect for kids.   Some hooks bobbers, bobber stops and you are ready for a fun day at a local pond or shore fishing at a lake !

By keeping it simple there is no frustration for the child or parent, just a fun day watching the bobbers go under the surface of the water as the panfish strike !

I have seen some people trying to apply harder techniques with young children, that only results in either turning the child off of fishing or a frustrated family that should have been enjoying a fishing outing, but instead the day comes to an end prematurely.

“Simple simple SIMPLE” is where this needs to stay between the ages of 3 to 10, no harm in potentially trying some smaller spring style crank baits that work like the cricket or honey bee spring size baits(panfish size style baits – cast and retrieve), BUT keep in mind the kids will require help with something like this.  Pick up a small theme style tackle box that they can call their own and part of it even fills in as a small snack box for the fishing day !

The attached pic has the bullet push button style reel, easy to use push hold and cast and this is a really good place to start with the young ones !  For safety I totally recommend small children “never” be left alone AND they should “always” have a correct fitting life jacket on them, even if fishing on shore. 

A small child can drown in about 2-4 inches of water should they get stuck face first, so make sure you have a watchful eye on them at all times.

Again keep things very simple and the kids will enjoy fishing more then you can imagine !

The AMFisH guy…


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