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If you have never fished frogs like the one in this picture I re-blogged I suggest you read up on how they are used and try them out.   Rigged similarly to a texas rig but the hook is designed a little differently, some with sliding weights like this one and others with either a plastic prong that has jarred edges to insert into the frog nose of a metal screw in type.

Most of these baits are designed with legs that create quite the ripple across the top of the water, good strikes when fished at a medium retrieve that way you give the fish a slower bait to attack, results in less misses.

Can be fished with weightless hooks, as these plastic baits have some weight to them as well, BUT the weighted hook helps on long casts and allows you to stop the bait and let it sink into pockets over the weeds……pretty versatile baits when it comes to top water fishing, totally recommend trying them…

The AMFisH guy…

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