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Thought I would write a post about trying new baits and what you actually get out of trying new baits as and AMFisHer.

The two first pictures above are crankbaits that were released at a very popular fishing show not too long ago, tell me they don’t look cool a crankbait with small fake fish inside it, totally insane!

Below that is a version of the Alabama rig that has been on the market for a little longer and the point of this post is to try new stuff.  This does not mean try them the second they come out, but head to a show here and there maybe check out any new release baits at your local fishing store, that sort of stuff.

By doing this you stay in tune with how fishing baits are progressing and should you want to purchase a few here and there you have already done a little research into them.

There is nothing worse than getting a new bait and not knowing a thing about who made it or how it even works.  Take a look at them, maybe catch a demo session at a store or show it never hurts even if you are not interested in buying the bait.

If you tried a few new baits each year you would be adding some valuable tools to your fishing arsenal.

The AMFisH guy…

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