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Here are the pics from the tournament I fished today, caught two nice big bass that I weighed in, also caught two “MONSTER” rock bass that were not a species part of the tournament, but man were they big!

Put one of them beside my bass pro hat, good size rock bass for sure.   A pic of my drive up, my fishing tag to enter my catches, a great shot of the boats ready to go in the morning(picture #3 above, wow did it ever turn out great!).

Great day on the water for a good cause supporting the conservation park, felt good being part of it.  

Not sure if I will hold my spots, was leading the pike category and was tied for second in the bass category, unfortunately it is a two day tournament and I only entered to fish today as my AMFisH kids fishing day is tomorrow, hope my weights can hold up another day.

Get out there AMFisHers and support those conservation areas where you live, nothing like protection what we all love to do…

The AMFisH guy…

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