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Was getting my fishing trays sorted out today and took some pictures to pass along some more info to all you AMFisHers !

The top two baits are made by Bomber and the bottom two are Rapala baits.  Always a good idea to have some longer thinner style crankbaits/jerk baits like these as the fish profile is something you may need to change while fishing.  Example say the fish stop hitting the shorter fatter cranbaits by changing to a thinner longer looking bait it can result in more attacks as fish will then be seeing something different.

Also a good idea to have a selection of some jointed baits(like the one second from the top) as well as one piece baits, WHY well variety is a good thing as an example would be the fish stop hitting the top bait in this picture(one piece bait) I can cast out the two piece which has a totally different action which again can result in fish attacking it because of that.

You will also notice the bottom two Rapala baits have a feathered tail on the last treble hook, for those of you not familiar with what that is for it is pretty much what I call the “FINISHER” !   What I mean by that is those coloured strands on the back hook will resemble a tail to the fish following it, what woks amazing with these baits is pausing it when you see a fish chasing it(or in general just pausing it on the retrieve), what happens is the bait sits totally still as the fish hunts it down BUT the second those feathers on the back end move ever so slightly with the water current the fish will absolutely “HAMMER” the bait !

I have witnessed this time and time again which is why I always tell people to try new baits and to try changing there retrieves by incorporating pauses for a few seconds and mixing the pauses up for longer ones then shorter ones.

Hope this post was helpful…

The AMFisH guy…

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