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Hi AMFisHers !   Spring is almost here and thought I would remind all of you to try smaller baits on your first several outings this spring, WHY well all the baitfish will still me quite small so throwing baits the size you would normally throw in the summer months may actually not produce a lot of fish.

Keeping your baits around that 2” to 2 1/2” size is just right, similar sizes and baits to these Mepps spinners in this picture.   You would be shocked at some of the very big fish I have caught in the early spring that absolutely “SMASHED” small baits I was throwing !

Some good baits to try are the small Johnson beetle spins, Mepps spinners above, small spinnerbaits that you can find in the pan fish sections of your local stores, Mann’s 1 – minus shallow crankbaits these are amazing little baits, Strike King redeye shad lipless crankbaits in the small size as these are all a few of my spring go to baits.

Keep it small on those first few outings and you might be surprised as to how many fish you actually catch !

Wish you all lots of luck for some really good catches this year ! ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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