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Update on my fishing video blog !

Well I must admit shooting videos when your not a person that has ever loved a video camera is sure not easy, BUT the value I am striving to add to all amateur fishing people around the world is more then drive enough to keep trudging forward !

Still a little weird about having a camera on me and slowly but surely getting over it. On the flip side here in Canada it has been a very windy summer so far with some totally unexpected wind issues while making videos on the water.

I am all for staying as true to who I am with respect to not really editing my videos, what you see is what is really happening BUT having said that I am totally not going to post poor quality/sounding videos, WHY because it’s not fair to anyone out there who is watching them as well as not up to the standard I have set for myself.

I ask again that you all bare with me through this starting phase of my fishing video blogs, as I have filmed some with wind noise BUT are still quite informational so I am considering letting some of them slide because of the value I see in them. I am however reviewing them to see what is totally not acceptable and what is still usable. Also finding ways around my technical issues as well as forcing myself out the shell when it comes to being on video.

I knew this would be a “massive” challenge for me and I can reassure you that I am giving it the 105% I give all things I love in life !

So far I have posted my introductory video post and recently my second video post about big fish hitting small baits, trying to stick to a bi-weekly video post BUT when it permits I may post videos in a shorter time frame.

In the end I really hope my video blog adds value to all of you out there looking to improve, pick up some tips, learn how to get started and most importantly “CATCH MORE FISH” ! ! !


The AMFisH guy…

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