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Value those good friendships…

Hello everyone!   I enjoyed a great night out with a dear friend I have know for over ten years, always make me think about the good people in my life after a catch up dinner like this.

Life can really get out of control sometimes for all of us, work gets far too consuming, chores around the home seem to never end, trying to enjoy a hobby all of a sudden seems like you can never get to it, well here is some breaking news for you it does not change so make the time for good friends!

I am quite the busy guy with lots on the go, working a job I don’t really have my heart in, working after work on living my future/passion in the fishing world, raising my puppy Sequioa which is a huge thing on it’s own and yet through it all I will “always” make time for meeting up with friends every several weeks, WHY well in life we always talk about finding the balance but yet after many attempts I stopped trying to find the balance and decided to live it!

Work will always be there, house chores are not going away anytime soon, puppy still needs to be fed at the same time each day as well as the poop being picked up but if you stop thinking about when you will have time for this and time for that and just plan and do more than think and wish life all of a sudden becomes all balanced, without you even realizing it.

Do I have a long to do list?   Sure I do and I plan it as best I can without forgetting about important people in my life, that is key for living a great fulfilled life and many of these friends have been a part of who I am for over 10 years, some even close to 30 years so time with them is a must!

Life has always puzzled me but then I decided a long time ago to just “LIVE” and not think so much, get out there do what I love as much as I can, with the people I enjoy being around, that make me feel like the richest person in the world, WHY well money can buy a lot of things and I would rather create long lasting memories with the great people I am surrounded with as you can’t put a price on that.

Stay true to who you are, live the life you have always imagined and once everything seems as balanced as it can get you continue down that road of unbelievable fulfillment.

Hope this post past along a little of the spark in me that I love to share, so get cracking meet up for that dinner with friends you have postponed twice already, catch that movie you wanted to catch a few weeks ago, whatever it is get out there and cross it off the list then remember to add future things to that list that will allow you to be you all of the time and not this person we have the ability of becoming that stops us from so many things.

The AMFisH guy…   = )

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