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Vanja Vojvodic: The Power of QUALITY Conversation

Vanja Vojvodic: The Power of QUALITY Conversation

I am taking a second to re-blog this post from Vanja Vojvodic, why because I wrote a similar post a while back about the positivity that comes out of discussions with a stranger sometimes as well as a friend, well it seems as though my friend Vanja feels the same way and wrote a post about our weekly conversation’s at our part time jobs and now months later we are both going full force after what we have “always” wanted to achieve in life………”OUR PASSION” ! ! !   

I leave you all with a few words, never underestimate the power of a conversation with a total stranger, or the power of conversations that could be taking place about the same old shit BUT the time is used in a more positive way discussing ideas, thoughts and goals…well written post my awesome friend well written post…

The AMFisH guy…

The Power of QUALITY Conversation

A large amount of our time is spent socializing with other people. This is normal since we are social beings, without a social structure our society would seize to exist. So what do you usually talk about? Some of us don’t give this too much thought. We talk about the weather, our day, other people etc…but what about ideas? Doesn’t have to be anything specific, just an idea. Everything that ever existed begun as a tiny electrical impulse in someones mind…a thought…an idea…a creation. I briefly covered this in ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’

For about 2 years now at my part-time job I had a chance to work with a man who became a good friend of mine. We would work together for up to 6-8 hours at a time and when you’re spending that much time with someone you get to know them fairly well. Sure we could have talked about the usual shit two guys would talk about, but we went in a different route. We discussed ideas and goals.

We used to discuss what we enjoyed doing the most. Now this came at a difficult time for me because I had a severe back injury and thought my fighting career was over. Martial arts provided me with inner peace and I had dedicated most of my life to it. At the time I felt as if it was being taken away from me.

My friend enjoyed fishing. He used to tell me that he wished he could fish all day and night. The passion that he had for fishing made ME want to go fishing! I asked him a simple question “so why don’t you?” He explained that he has a mortgage, car payments you know the usual stuff we have to pay for in our lives. At this time my dream looked as if it was shattered and his looked unattainable….

Throughout months of discussing our goals and ideas. Just sharing these thoughts we had. Visualizing what we wanted to accomplish and where we wanted to be withing a certain time-frame. I discuss this in my previous blog post ‘Set a Goal, Plan, and work towards it’

Instead of talking about bullshit these discussions actually got our brains thinking in the direction we wanted to go. Whenever you put a thought or idea out there you will see different circumstances, events & people will start lining up to bring you closer to what you desire. Try it. You just have to make sure to pay close attention to the signs along the way.

Long story made a little shorter I’m all healed up and back on track with my fighting career. I even took my injury as an opportunity to start working on some projects that I set for myself. I actually opened up two businesses one of them being NerdWerk a web hosting and domain registration business and my good friend ended up opening his company which is solely dedicated to fishing. Its called AMFisH.

Don’t underestimate a conversation. A lot can come of it.

Small minds discuss people

Average minds discuss events

Great minds discuss IDEAS

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