Versatilicty of spinner baits…

Spinner baits are responsible for having caught thousands of fish globally, by far one of the most versatile baits I have ever used !   My number one bait i usually start my day out with is a chartreuse double colorado spinner bait, this is my comfort bait and has been since I started fishing. 

If you do not know what colour chartreuse is and you want to be a fisherman find out damn quick….ha ha ha… is a bright green in a fluorescent colour.   These baits are unbelievable when it comes to producing various species of fish !

Available in a variety of colours, blade patterns, sizes, all around an amazing bait that falls into the search bait category.   These are great starter fishing baits because the are so easy to use, cast and retrieve…..yup simple !

In the early spring I use run them very quickly on the retrieve, the hits are nuts !  Will post some pics of small mouth bass I caught, not monster fish at all but they hit the baits so hard they actually felt like really good size fish.   Anyone who has caught any size small mouth knows they put up a crazy fight !

The AMFisH guy…

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