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Water safety – must always be at the top of your list – fishing.

Hi fellow fishing enthusiasts, anglers and AMFisHers, you have probably heard me talk about water safety many times before and I am touching on it again as I got caught in a furious storm this past weekend, that came out of nowhere.

When I got on the water it was slightly windy and sunny, blue skies with several white clouds. The chance of storms was 30%, which explained why the day was not bad, until it all changed very quickly right out of the blue.

This intense sky engulfing storm showed up right before my eyes and it rolled in at warp speed. I had very little time if any to make a decision on which shore to get to ASAP, as being in the water in a storm is very unsafe.

Once I knew where I was trying to get to I did everything I could to get there as quickly as possible, unfortunately this storm did not make it easy. Winds picked up to well over 47 km/h, high waves arrived, thick heavy very intense rain started coming down, visibility was about 15ft in any direction and it even started to drop hail.

I did not feel safe at all, kept paddling as quickly and as safely as I could to get to shore, any shore was an option at this point, as I wanted to safely be on land. I managed to get to an abandoned old cottage, where I secured my kayak that had over 6 inches of water in it at this point. Those first few steps on land felt so wonderful, even though I was completely soaked and freezing cold.


Decisions in emergency situations like this need to be made pretty quickly but safety and with smart thoughts. I was about a 8 minute walk back to the main dock where my truck was and being totally soaked to the bone, I decided to jog back to my jeep so I could build up some warmth.

After this short jog in the rain with my life jacket on for warmth, I got to my to my truck where I had some extra clothing and rain gear, changed quickly and waited the storm out.

Keeping eyes to the skies in critical on any day, the chance of this storm was so low percentage wise and the clear skies fooled everyone fishing that day. I knew the weather could change and was keeping an eye out on the sky, but when these intense systems roll through sometimes they are packing a serious punch at serious speed, hence why I got caught.

Keep safety at the top of your list always and when you see dark skies like this from a large distance start making your way in to shore as it can only take a few minutes for them to show up.

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