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What a “GREAT” night !

Spent the evening with a long time friend Dave the man I call the brother I never had, who is also a great photographer which is why I started a page on my website that is dedicated to his pictures, take a look sometime the category is titled “FOTOFREAK” !

 I was helping him pick a reel out for a rod I got him for Christmas.  We spent a while in bass pro looking at what his options were and I thought I would write a short post about the experience, well being one of my post’s maybe not so short….ha ha ha….no really I can talk about fishing for hours !

Anyway back to my post so I ended up getting him a 6ft 3 inch XTRA heavy action fishing rod that is a bass pro brand and I totally stand behind their fishing stuff I have a few myself and have put them to the ultimate test with some good fish, performed “BEAUTIFULLY” !   We do a lot of trolling and casting for big fish on our annual trip so I decided to dump him right into a big strong fishing rod.  He has a few already BUT the beauty of what we did was he now has a fishing setup that is actually two rods in one.

I know this sounds weird but bare with me, the XTRA heavy rod was paired up with a Abu C4 series reel that is a high profile bait casting reel that will work fine for trolling applications as well as casting larger baits, hence the two in one setup.

If we had gone with a larger reel with larger handle and line counter it would not have been weighted properly at all on this rod and in the end would have only been good for trolling, SO be mindful when selecting gear much better if one rod/reel setup can serve more then one purpose.

Don’t sell yourself short fishing gear can cost some coin so by thinking about what you want out of a reel & rod is the best approach.  At first my friend was considering a larger reel for trolling with then after a few minutes he instantly knew the larger reels were not something he felt he could use well and would not give him the flexibility.

In the end the setup looks great and we ended this catch up session with a casual relaxing fun bite to eat……good friends “ROCK” !

The AMFisH guy…

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