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What reel should I use for power fishing/casting ?

As mentioned earlier spinning reels are very good for specific purposes, power fishing or power casting to cover large areas of water, can’t be done well with a spinning reel.  This is where a baitcaster comes in, yes most people avoid them due to something we fisherman reference as the nasty “BIRD NEST” !   This is basically a back lash of fishing line, this happens due to a baicaster having an open spool.

In easy terms to understand, once you cast with a spinning reel and your bait hits the water, line on your reel with not continue to come of, maybe one turn of so but it will stop there.  A baitcaster howver has the open spool which means once you push the trigger and cast, the second you bait hits the water line will continue to shoot off your reel until it is stopped.

To most this type of reel is something that is avoided due to this backlash(bird nest) issue, but in the long run lots of practice will help you through this issue.

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