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What to do after fishing fever “catches” you !

Well if you are anything like me, you will do exactly what I did when fishing fever caught me…….that is……..jump right into it full tilt !   Once I realised I enjoyed fishing so much it was so hard to wait until the next time.  In my early teans I was heading out here and there with my father and uncle, not big fisherman at all just did it more for something to do from time to time.

My life long freind Dave, who is more like the brother I never had and I fished at any chance we got.   We had some luck on our side for sure, his older brother Phil would take us out near the Pickering power plant, just so we could fish………thanks Phil for the unbelievable memories!

Those outing were something I could not wait for, being able to fish but fish with friends……….totally awesome !   I made every effort to fish as much as I could, it was something I spent all winter reading up on and as soon as spring arrived that itch needed to be scratched right away !

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