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When should you apply finesse fishing techniques.

I have had people ask me when they should use finesse fishing techniques, well there is no set rule when it comes to any style of fishing.   Now if you have been fishing a day or two after a storm with very fast moving baits and you have not had any hits, the switch goes off to trying a slower technique and this is a classic example of applying finesse fishing.

Now it does not need to be after a storm either, that was just a good example it can just be on a normal day where fish are not chasing baits.   There are lots of different ways you can finesse fish, even with fast moving baits which is something people overlook.

Working a suspending minnow crank bait for example, very slowly twitching it with long pauses followed by more twitches then shorter pauses.  This in itself is a style of finesse fishing BUT there is a line you need to draw with what baits this can be done with.

Example here is a rattling strike king shad bait, you pause it for too long it will sink to the bottom and just sit there not really looking like anything.  Key thing is to apply finesse fishing when the fishing is slow, then it requires something to trigger then into striking.

Most common finesse styles are jigging off the bottom with a grub/jig head, drop shot baits, texas rigged baits stuff like that.  The are usually rigged with a soft plastic of your choice and flipped out left to sink to the bottom and slowly popped up off the bottom.

Again finesse fishing will work when applied in almost any situation, typical ones are after storms, when the fish are chasing, rougher water, really hot days where there is not much action with bait fish in the water, colder weather, thick rainy days, situations like this will call for a slower presentation, BUT again this does not mean fast baits will not work fishing is different every hour on any outing.

Key thing to focus on is if you have cast out 23 baits with not hits and all of them were faster moving baits, then slow the presentation down.  

The AMFisH guy…


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