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When things just don’t go as planned.

Hi everyone I have been missing in action for the past several days, ended up getting a nasty flu bug before leaving for my fishing weekend last week with my friend.

Nothing like a crazy intense bug to ruin about 6 days and a fishing trip, which is why I chose to write a post about when things just don’t go right.   Sometimes we look forward to something so much and once it arrives things just go all wrong, well that is life throwing us challenges from time to time.

There I was Friday morning all excited about heading out to my fishing weekend with a good friend when I felt weird for several minutes while getting things ready.  As soon as my friend arrived I felt even worse but was so looking forward to the trip I intentionally blinded myself of how I was feeling and pushed on.

Well in the end I can guarantee it was the wrong decision, I should have called the trip off and stayed home.  I felt worse and worse by the hour, ended up losing my voice for a few days as well, battled some cold nights which added to the way I was feeling.

Sure does cancelling a trip suck, of course it does BUT there can always be more trips!   I wanted that weekend to be as much fun as it was in the past but in the end I was feeling so horrible I could not even focus on the fun parts.   Kind of hard to focus on fun when you can’t even talk to you friend because your voice is gone.

Keep an open mind when it comes to how things are going, there will be times when pushing forward is the right thing to do but other times think twice, sacrificing several horrible days in bed after the trip is just not worth it.

The AMFisH guy…

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