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When to use a long fishing leader or a short one.

Hi AMFisHers! I have been asked these questions time and time again, when should I use a shorter leader? When should I use a longer leader? Is there a difference?

Well there is always a reason for everything so here are some answers for you.

Short leaders are mainly used for casting as you can tie on longer bigger baits but still be able to cast normally.

Longer leaders are mainly for trolling baits, WHY well a great example is fishing for pike or musky, you use a 18” to 24” leader at a heavy pound test then have a 9” to 12” bait tied on. A huge fish will sometimes take the enter bait inside its mouth while trolling so if your 12” bait is inside a big fishes mouth you need to ensure you have enough leader to prevent it’s teeth from reaching your main line.

As for casting can you imagine trying to swing a 2ft leader with a 9” bait attached to it, not going to happen even with a really long rod, you will snare into something for sure.

Rule of thumb is use short ones for casting long ones for trolling, each will serve the purpose perfectly.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

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