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Where can I learn more about fishing ?

Well you can ask me questions as I will offer any knowledge I can, I really enjoy helping people and helping someone about something you love and enjoy yourself is even better !  I have learned a lot since I was young, doing thing wrong but still having fun.  Then I got to the point where I wanted ton get better at fishing, started picking up fishing magazines and watched fishing shows like they were being taken off the air or something !  You can learn a lot from studying anything, just gotta make the time for it.   This again applies to everything, you golf once a summer sure you will stink at it all the time, practice often and watch what happens !

Same goes for fishing, if you run out and get some start up gear and head to the nearest creek and cast all day in 3 inches of water, well you can see where I am going with this. 

Make the time to read up on techniques, even if you don’t understand fully how to apply them, you can always benefit from the knowledge later.

Fishing shows are great, you can see what species you can fish for and from some pretty experienced pros.

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