Why ice fishing does not need to cost a lot of cash !

Ice fishing season has approached and I did not think I would see the day where a ice fishing rod no longer then my arm would cost almost $80, well I did and man was I shocked.

I am not a huge ice fishing fan as I don’t like the cold weather much BUT I do get out here and there and did invest some money in ice fishing gear.  I went the route I would recommend to any looking into ice fishing, “keep it cheap” !

It is much different them fishing in the summer on lakes or rivers where some good durable gear is needed and is more application/species specific.  With ice fishing you are mainly vertically jigging so any ice fishing rod will do the trick.  I currently own three and each one did not cost me more then $18.00, my most recent one was $9.99 on sale.

Put together a small tackle tray of scented soft plastics typically used for pan fish fishing, so if you already have some baits like this you are already ahead of the game !   A few vertical jigs or jigging spoons that can be tipped with a live minnow and you are set for ice fishing.

I can’t see how a $80 fishing rod will be any better then my $9.99 fishing rod especially when they are made by the same company and look almost identical.   Save your hard earned money for topping up your summer gear, ice fishing should be much more simple and should not cost and arm/leg.

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