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Why make long cast’s…

Over the years I have read various magazines and heard some pro fisherman talk about making long cast’s when fishing, basically pro’s and con’s to this.   Well having fished most of my life I do think making long cast’s is very important, it gives you lots of water coverage on the way back to the boat or shore you are fishing from.

This in no way means you will not catch fish is you make short cast’s, not at all BUT the more water you can cover with a bait, will allow for more fish to see what you are offering them. 

A short cast will only keep your bait in that strike zone for a few seconds, where a very long cast will allow potential following fish a better look at the bait and more time to react.

My theory is mix it up, short cast’s, long cast’s, medium distance cast’s just keep it different, BUT when you can make really long cast’s “DO IT” as the water coverage alone is worth the tired arms at the end of the day !

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