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Why try new baits on the market…

I have noted in previous blog messages that you can get into fishing and do well with a small select group of baits BUT as a fisherman you will see that there are new products coming to the market all the time and trying some of them is not only a fun thing to do, but it allows you to add to your arsenal of baits !

Trying new products is just one of the things that comes with becoming a good fisherman, because manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with new innovative products that will produce fish.

As a fisherman you will not have a choice several years later but to end up with a lot of different baits, WHY because it is the nature of the beast !  You will find products on sale that you just can’t resist picking up, you will want to have more then one of the same bait for backup reasons, you will come of with strategies on the water that require you to have multiple styles of soft plastic baits for different situations, the list goes on and on !

Experimenting with new products is something that most fisherman will do for one really and one reason only……….”it’s fun’ ! ! !

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