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Yup more fishing fever…

As the years past I had pretty much masterd various spots on this waterway, found smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, pike, always knew there would be musky there but heck I was a kind in my teens happy to catch fish !

Off I was from spot to spot with my old pal tackle box filled with lots of stuff  had read up on and some never even used before.   Cast after cast I was learning the water and where I couldm locate fish, developed a spot I call my “honey hole”, why well if you do fish at all the honey hole is a spot that is like a safety net, fish will almost be there all the time if not too far from it.  I figured out the bass used it for feeding and shelter, but the pike only used it for an ambush feeding zone.

There were times I found myself not being able to find fish in all my spots, so I would explore the lake shoreline at a time, no trolling motor or fish finder for me strictly navigating slowly from spot to spot and observing where the other boats were driving through.

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